Monday, May 20, 2013

Step One

There are many steps involved in having a baby. But for me, the actual physical process has to wait until I have a few other things in order. So, Step One was to get health insurance. It's times like this when I miss living in the UK (for all its issues, the NHS would come in very handy right now!). Since I am only teaching part time, I don't qualify for insurance through my employer. I had Cobra from my old job, but that ran out a couple of months ago. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am the one person who should never be without health insurance (case in point, a month after my insurance ran out, I passed out in class and had to be taken to the hospital). So, when the insurance ran out, my dreams of having a baby seemed even further away. 

But, today, I finished the process of enrolling for health insurance through the Freelancers' Union. I have to thank the official NYC website for pointing me in their direction when I searched plans (I am in the awkward position of making too much to qualify for government subsidized plans and not enough to blithely toss money away on an independent plan). I also have to say that, in approving me for the insurance, the Freelancer's Union has restored my dream. I'm sure they have no idea how significant it is to me, but I am very grateful.

So, my insurance kicks in on June 1st. Coincidentally (I swear!), I leave for South America on June 2nd. I've been looking forward to that trip for months, and I kind of look at it as a "last hurrah," if you will. When I get back, I intend to start the baby process, so this may be my last big trip for a while.

Until I return from South America, there's little I will be doing on this process (other than more research). If I come across anything interesting, I will share it. But, I plan to write more regularly once everything gets started. And for my friends out there who have been continually frustrated by my inability to write regularly, this one will be different, I promise! :)

Thanks for joining me on this journey. Fingers crossed that the final destination is a beautiful bundle of joy!

xo Sister Kristen