Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Big Reveal

So, once again, apologies for the long gap between entries. A variety of reasons go into why I haven’t written in a month. A lot has been going on with school starting up, a writing conference, and travel (case in point – I’ve been trying to write this entry for two weeks, and things/people keep getting in the way!). Mainly, though, it’s because not much has happened with the pregnancy. It has been an uneventful pregnancy thus far, so there hasn’t been much to write about – I’m pretty sure no one wants to read yet another entry about how I worry about the pregnancy because it’s uneventful! Most people would tell me to get over myself and be grateful. And they’re right, of course, but I can’t help imagining that somehow the babies are gone because I’m not feeling much of anything.

In the last month, though, I did take the twins on an Alaska cruise, which was nice. It was a trip that Mom and I always wanted to take. I missed having her there, of course, but I really enjoyed it. I decided to go as a 40th birthday trip once Dr. W. said that I had to be sure to do any travel before the end of September. Figured it would be the last trip I got to take while the kids were still inside! Just days after I got back, I celebrated my birthday. Keith came down to the City, since it was the last birthday I’d get to celebrate as a Manhattanite. We went to the Atlantic Grill, which was a place I’d been wanting to try for a while. It didn’t disappoint.

The next day was my birthday party, at Rory Dolan’s (of course!). We had a nice crowd of mostly family and a few friends. Once we got everyone seated and liquored up, I made the big announcement. This is more or less what I said after thanking everyone for coming:

“I know that we told you that this was not a surprise party, but there is a surprise tonight. On February 7th, which most of you will remember is the anniversary of my mom’s passing, I’m expecting twins.”

At that point there were shrieks – actual shrieks – of surprise. But as I looked quickly around the room, I saw that the surprise was mixed with happiness. Although shocked, people didn’t seem scandalized. They seemed genuinely happy to hear the news.

I went on to say, “Now I do believe we have some smelling salts around if anyone needs it. Just to answer some questions that I’m sure people have – Yes, I just said what you think I said. No, I’m not involved with anyone. I’m doing this on my own with the aid of modern medicine. And if anyone would like to learn more, I have cards here with the address of my blog. And, yes, this is the main reason why I’m moving out of the City. Finally, apologies to anyone who has asked me recently what I’ve been up to, and I’ve just said, ‘Oh, nothing!’”

Then I went table to table. Again, everyone seemed really excited. Some of my dad’s cousins were happy to know that the kids would be Clearys, because we don’t have too many Clearys left (that carry the last name, I mean). One of my cousins did sayt hat if they had known beforehand that it would have been easier to shop for a gift. But, hey, that night was my night. Baby gifts can come later! J My mom’s cousin did try to fix me up with someone, but Keith told me that she had been talking about that before the announcement, so it wasn’t directly connected.

Overall, I was pleased, and relieved, by the response. Any fears that I had that people would be scandalized seem to be unfounded. Certainly they were shocked – it was not at all what anyone was expecting me to announce at my birthday. If anyone was scandalized, they hid it well. It turned out to be a really special moment, more so than I could have imagined.

When I got home that night, it was time for the Facebook reveal. Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t like to do things the plain and ordinary way. What’s the fun in that? So, I made a film trailer, in the style of an adventure film, to announce the pregnancy. It can be viewed here: 

I got a great response to the trailer. Again, people were shocked. Beyond the small group that has been along for the ride with me this past year, no one could have guessed what I’ve been working toward. But again, the reactions were incredibly positive, and people liked the idea of the trailer as an announcement.

It’s nice to have it all in the open now, and to know I have the support of my friends and family. I hated lying, even if by omission (as I say in my lie detecting lessons – withholding information is still a lie!). So that’s some stress lifted. Now I can just relax and enjoy the next few months. Oh, yeah, right, I’m me. I don’t do relaxed. OK, so now I can focus instead on just selling my apartment, moving, getting an agent, starting a new Master’s program, and being pregnant with twins. Eh, nothing I can’t handle!